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About me

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Tatum is a multimedia designer with a background in communication, whom is a passionate storyteller throughout different forms of media. She is a recent graduate from Juniata College, with a proficient skillset in videography, web design, social media design, sports communication, photography, and interpersonal communication. Tatum's creative drive stems from wanting to passionately tell stories. She is always open to learning about new technologies, programs, methods, ideas, etc. Tatum is also a lover of coffee, paddle-boarding, and watching her dog wag his tail while she gives him treats.

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Work Experience

Adobe CC

Video pre and post production

Social media design

Web design

Microsoft Office Suite

Attention to detail

Interpersonal communication

Creative vision


Troubleshooting and problem solving

Performing under pressure

Talent recruitment

Video Content Producer - Jan 2023, Present

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, University of Michigan


Video and Creative Content Coordinator - Feb 2022, Jan 2023

University Communications, St. Cloud State University


Media Production Manager JA - Aug 2019, May 2021

Athletic Communications, Juniata College

Junior Video Producer Aug 2019, May 2021

Digital Media Studio, Juniata College                           

Project Manager, Video Producer Aug 2019, May 2021

Community Partners, Juniata College    

Marketing Intern - Aug 2019, Dec 2019

Headwaters Campus Store, Huntingdon

Video Producer - Aug 2018, Dec 2019

This Week @ Juniata, Juniata College

Marketing & Design Intern - May 2019, Aug 2019

Juniata Brewing Company, Huntingdon

Video Producer Aug 2018, May 2019

Video Production Team, Juniata College


Digital Marketing Intern - Dec 2018, Jan 2019

Nakturnal, Pittsburgh



IMA Stories Feature
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